An in-depth exploration of the health effects of e-cigarettes


Adolescent and Young Adult Use and Perceptions of Pod-Based Electronic Cigarettes

JAMA Network: This survey study of 445 adolescents and young adults revealed similar chances (40%) of experiencing negative health and social consequences from using pod-based and/or other types of e-cigarettes. Among 34 adolescents and young adults reporting any loss of autonomy from nicotine, there was no difference in mean Hooked On Nicotine Checklist scores between those using pod-based and other e-cigarettes.


Study of Nicotine Exposure

National Institutes of Health: More than 70% of adolescents report to have smoked a cigarette at least once. At the adolescent stage the brain has not completed its maturation. The prefrontal cortex (PFC), the brain area responsible for executive functions


Public Health Concerns About Youth & Young Adult Use of JUUL

Public Health Law Center: The e-cigarette brand JUUL became the fastest growing e-cigarette brand in the U.S. in early 2017, surpassing other brands marketed by tobacco industry giants. JUUL was introduced in 2015 by PAX Labs, Inc., based in San Francisco.


E-Cigarette Use as a Predictor of Smoking

BMJ Journals: To prospectively examine vaping as a predictor of future cigarette smoking among youth with and without previous cigarette smoking experience. A secondary aim is to investigate whether vaping may desensitise youth to the dangers of smoking.


Nicotine and the Adolescent Brain

National Institutes of Health: Adolescence encompasses a sensitive developmental period of enhanced clinical vulnerability to nicotine, tobacco, and e-cigarettes. While there are sociocultural influences, data at preclinical and clinical levels indicate that this adolescent sensitivity has strong neurobiological underpinnings.


A Molecular Basis for Nicotine as a Gateway Drug

New England Journal of Medicine: On the historic occasion of the 122nd Shattuck Lecture and the 200th anniversary of the New England Journal of Medicine, we chose to address a topic that is at once scientific and personally historic. In recent debates over legalizing marijuana, from all-out acceptance in Colorado.