Parents Against Vaping e-cigarettes (PAVe) proudly supports public health advocates in Albany County, New York.

PROTECT ALBANY COUNTY CHILDREN FROM VAPING E-CIGARETTES & SUPPORT 🇺🇸 LocalLawE, restricting the sale of flavored tobacco products including e-cigarettes and menthol cigarettes.

ATTEND TOMORROW’S PUBLIC HEARING Tuesday, Sept 24, 6pm, Albany Co Court House, Legislative Chambers2nd Floor Eagle Street, Albany, NY

WANT TO VOICE YOUR OPINION? Contact the American Heart Association’s Government Relations Director Caitlin O’Brien, with: YOUR NAME, ORGANIZATION, #PEOPLE.

REACH your Albany County Legislators and let them know you support Local Law E and they should too. Contact : legislature/legislators TalkingPoints Below ⬇️

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America’s Kids 🇺🇸 deserve a healthy and safe future. Time to protect them from potentially lethal flavored e-cigarette products.

  1. TALKING POINTS Be sure to tell them that you’re a constituent, concerned New York State resident...

  2. Removing all characterizing flavors from all tobacco products is essential for reducing their appeal to youth.

  3. Menthol cigarettes pose a tremendous public health threat

  4. Menthol cigarettes increase the number of children who experiment with cigarettes and the number of children who become regular smokers, increasing overall youth smoking.

  5. Young people who start using menthol cigarettes are more likely to become addicted and become long-term daily smokers.

  6. The easy availability of menthol cigarettes, flavored cigars, flavored hookah and youth-friendly e-cigarette candy-like flavors is causing an increase in youth tobacco use of epic proportion.

  7. Because menthol products produce a cooling and soothing effect, and because candy-flavored tobacco products are more attractive to kids, they are considered good “starter products” for youth.

  8. Far too many people – more than half of all youth and young adult smokers – now smoke menthol cigarettes. Younger populations have the highest rate of smoking menthol cigarettes.

  9. Focus on the predatory marketing practices of Big Tobacco. The tobacco industry has been targeting youth and the African-American community with marketing for menthol cigarettes through sponsorship of community and music events, targeted magazine advertising, youthful imagery, and marketing in the retail environment dating back for decades.

  10. Albany County residents support Local Law E, please do the same and help protect the health of our residents.

Steve Koester